10 Easy, Fun Workouts-at-home to Keep You Fit and Boost Your Mood

These days, taking care of your health should be one of your priorities. After all, we need to stay fit and healthy even when staying at home. Regular physical activity can help you maintain both physical and mental wellness. Here are ten easy, fun workouts at home that can help you burn those excessive calories and boost your mood.

  1. Take the stairs
    Climbing the stairs can help improve your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your muscles. It has also been found to burn more calories than jogging. So if it’s only two to three flights, better take the stairs. You’ll surely be out of breath for the first few days. But once you get the hang of it, it would turn out to be one of your healthy routines. 

  2. Dance
    Whether you’re interested in ballet, belly dancing, jazz, salsa, pole dancing, or hip-hop, dancing is another sure way to stay fit. It can improve your cardiovascular health, muscle tone and endurance. It can also boost your mood and memory. Turn on that music app, and groove to the sound of your favorite music to take all your cares away.

  3. Perform squats 
    While watching your favorite Netflix TV series or reading a chapter of a book, you can sit in a deep squat position. If you’re the type who would like to be in constant motion, you can perform wall squats, box, lateral, or even the highly advanced pistol squats. So the next time you turn on your TV, don’t forget to wear your tanks, leggings and your workout shoes. 

  4. Simple, Casual Parkour
    Every extra movement counts! As you walk to the nearest convenient store in the neighborhood, add a twist to your usual routine. Avoid those cracks on the sidewalk or hop over those manholes. You can also head to the backyard while jumping over any obstacle or hopping up onto a bench, or even try jumping from tile to tile. Never mind the people who might see you if you’re living in a condo. Remember, we’re less likely recognizable because of our face masks. 

  5. In-between-calls-exercise 
    Attending a teleconference? Get up and sit back and repeat for 20 reps, or pace around and flex those muscles. How about doing calf raises, leg extensions, and leg lifts and swings for the next (5) minutes while waiting for your next Zoom meeting. You can still remain healthy and fit while being on video conferences the entire day.

  6. Stationary Lunge
    Want to strengthen the lower half of your body? Stationary lunges can help strengthen and improve your glutes. Lunges can also strengthen your calves and improve your balance. Just don’t forget to tighten your abs and straighten your back. You can also try the side and walking lunges. Are you psyched up for the advanced level? Try the twisting and curtsy lunges. 

  7. At-home-barre exercise while cooking 
    Cooking can be both fun and relaxing. However, you can raise the level a notch higher. Perform a few strength exercises while waiting for your food to cook. Use your kitchen counter for balance to try a barre workout. 

  8. The push-up-tax area
    Identify an area at home you frequently enter or a hallway you regularly walk through. Before entering the room or every time you go through that hall, perform 5-10 push-ups. Alternatively, you can put a pull-up bar on a door and do a set of pull-ups every time you enter and leave the room. 

  9. Meditating while on Handstand
    Reach your inner peace while sweating it out. Try doing handstands. This is one of the best forms of meditation. Handstands build your arm and core strength. Handstands are not only found to increase the strength of your bones and muscles, but also reduce your stress and increase your happiness. 

  10. Kids’ play
    When was the last time you played with your kid? You can give your precious one piggyback rides, toss a pillow or pass the ball with them while asking them how their day went, or a simple play of tag to get those sweat out. Playing with your kids can help you stay healthy and keep your bond stronger. 

Now that you know these easy at-home workouts, you can consider one type a day. So what are you waiting for? Flex those muscles, release those sweats and start living healthy.