5 Locavore Dishes that will Leave Your Taste Buds Asking for More

The concept of Locavore was born from an experimental accident that sparked curiosity and led people to the humble neighborhood of Brixton street in Kapitolyo. With 5 branches in Metro Manila, Locavore has grown from a simple and sustainable dining place to a restaurant that elevates the Filipino cuisine’s standard to be on par with other cuisines globally.

Their oozing positivity and bold attitude sparked curiosity and led people to spread the word about how Locavore reinvents our favorite Filipino dishes.

If you’re curious about this place, here’s our top 5 must-try picks for your visit:

Sizzling Sinigang

Locavore’s Sizzling Sinigang is a crowd favorite! No one would dare to mess with the classic Filipino staple, but Locavore did it right. The tender beef ribs melt in your mouth, and the creamy thick sauce has a rich tangy flavor of the Sinigang broth.

Pho Lalo

Perfect to share during the winter monsoon to warm your stomach. Locavore married the concept of Vietnamese pho and our very own bulalo to create this quirky fusion which will make you keep on coming back for more bowls of Pho Lalo.

Fried Oyster Sisig

This rich and creamy Fried Oyster Sisig will surely make you drool! These crunchy big oysters are drizzled with Lechon bits, topped with chicken liver mayonnaise, creating an explosion of texture and flavor in your mouth.

Sugpo con Mayonesa

Craving for seafood lately? You wouldn’t want to miss this popular Sugpo con Mayonesa of Locavore: a concoction of huge tiger prawns, mayonnaise, garlic, aligue, and butter that will surely heighten your senses.

Dinuguang Lechon

This is not your usual Dinuguan. Locavore reinvents this classic Filipino favorite with the combination of Dinuguan and Lechon, garnished with chicharon and garlic. Elevate your Filipino meals every time you take a bite of Dinuguang Lechon.

At Locavore, creating a new Filipino dish with a twist requires a lot of creativity and research. The way to perfectly create a dish that will suit the taste of the Filipinos is to preserve its culture and flavor by sticking to its ingredients. More importantly, Locavore gives utmost importance to where the flavor takes you, the memory it brings back, and experiences that will remind you of Locavore.