Best of Home Buddies Renovations

With billions of people staying at home, the need for social media communities and connections has significantly increased. Facebook has become more than just a messaging and socializing platform. It built life-changing communities and interactions that helped us get through the series of lockdowns.

Among the communities that sparked motivations and creativity for home improvement is Home Buddies, Facebook group which has over 2.7 million members to date. This online community is composed of homeowners from different walks of life, from owning or renting cozy condos to apartments with wide living spaces and grand mansions in high-end villages.

While browsing for home inspirations, we’ve rounded up the best before-and-after-looks of home improvement stories from your kapitbahays.


These oversized window boxes create a new facade and a dramatic effect that reminds us of a beach house in Miami. Jet Calingan gave their 30-year old family home a complete overhaul by turning it into an English modern contemporary design.


The key to the heart of a bohemian-inspired living room lies in playing with patterns, colors, and texture. Yasmin Paras transformed her best friend’s bright orange living and the result was amazing!

JP Santos revamped his old bathroom to give it a brand new look! A combination of white floor tiles and wall patterns can come off as chic. The vibrant and warm color gives off a welcoming vibe that’s hard to resist.

Homeownership has a way of awakening our creative spirit — even to those who know nothing about home improvement. If you are tiptoeing your way into doing-it-yourself remodeling or tackling a major revamp, knowing what you want and what you need, planning through research, and allocating your budget will set you up for success.

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