Best Stay-at-Home Mom Jobs

The desire to have a career while being available at home for your family requires a flexible job where you can do both. The idea of work-at-home jobs has been the new normal since the pandemic hit the Philippines.

We’ve rounded up all the jobs that could help moms meet their financial goals without leaving their homes.

    1. Writing reviews/freelance writing
      Many brands, magazines, and online publications are interested in parenting topics who are willing to pay. Some brands may even send samples for you to try and write about, while some would just send over a survey that you can answer while doing your laundry or while watching the kids. In most cases, websites and online publications would source out contributors for parent-focused content wherein you can share your stories and experiences at home as a mom.


    1. E-Interior Designer
      Businesses from different industries have been shifting to digital services because of the demand of the changing time. Along with this, people took this time to reinvent their spaces. Online interior designers have emerged to help their clients shift into the new normal with the help of virtual e-interior designers to decorate and source furnishing and decors for their clients.


    1. Online Fitness Instructor
      It is frustrating to stop your fitness routine since we’ve been forced to stay at home and gyms are temporarily closed without knowing when it could reopen. More importantly, staying fit and healthy has been a necessary measure to fight the threats of virus infection. All you need is a yoga mat and your choice of the virtual platform to start an online boot camp for people who wish to do their fitness routines at home.


  1. Brand Ambassador
    Influencer marketing has been one of the key trends in marketing in the last few years. If you have a brand network and you’re socially connected to your peers, teaming up with client-based businesses by selling their products on social media can help you generate more income without leaving the comforts of your home. 

  2. Online Stylist
    If you are a fashionista mom who loves to keep up with the trends, loves to shop, and has an eye for piecing outfits together, you can be the next online fashion icon. This works by having your clients submit their photos, body type, style, and goals. Then you can put up a look for your client virtually to achieve your client’s desired look. 

Being a mom is one of the happiest transitions that a woman could ever experience, and it is also one of the most challenging. To be a mom is to be a professional multi-tasker, to be there for your child’s milestones, manage the household, work, and catch up on sleep.

This could be the perfect opportunity to reinvent your career by seizing every moment of being a mother.