Creating Meaningful Family Moments at Home

Blissful moments spent together strengthen the bond we have with our family. And there is no other place as perfect as our home to create lasting memories that foster closeness and cultivate the love we have for each other.

Cherished bonding moments don’t have to be complicated – they could be something as simple as sharing a meal or watching a movie. But to make days at home more special, parents can ask the kids to put down their gadgets and get on their feet to participate in fun and creative activities.

Go on a picnic

Plan a picnic and enjoy hours of outdoor fun surrounded by lush greens.

Enjoy the outdoors with a simple picnic set-up in the backyard, on the roof deck, or in any available areas surrounded with lush greeneries in your neighborhood. Pack traditional picnic snacks like sandwiches, chips, and fruits. Bring books or board games. Lay down on a blanket and enjoy a serene moment as you breathe in fresh air and get a dose of vitamin D.

Turn mundane household items into art

Make art using household items.

Stretch the family’s creative muscles by making art using objects you can find at home. Using glue, glitter, and felt shapes, turn plain bobby pins into fancy hair accessories. Tie-dye old shirts and pillowcases, make a desk caddy using hard boxes, or bedazzle your coasters and placemats.

You can also integrate natural elements into your art – have the children collect fallen leaves from the backyard, rub a crayon or paint on the veiny side of the leaves, and use them as homemade stamps on hand towels. This way, kids hone their artistic skills while learning how to be resourceful and mindful of the environment.

Bond outdoors

Teach your kids how to ride a bicycle within your neighborhood.

No need to drive far, just look for activities you and your family can do together right outside your doors. You can take a stroll or jog as a family.

You can also take this chance to teach the children how to ride a bicycle. Find the best bike path in your community, one with a smooth surface and enough space to move through.

Exercise together

The family that exercises together, stays together.

Achieve your fitness goals as a family – engage the kids to join the adults and do simple exercise routines. Take them to the gym where you can lay down a yoga mat and teach them how to properly stretch and do basic poses, or get on the treadmill for a supervised cardio workout. To make this activity more interesting, turn it into a friendly competition by awarding the one who can hold a pose or run on the treadmill longer.

Reap the benefits of a closer and healthier family through this activity.

Get into gardening

Cultivate your child’s love of nature and sense of responsibility as they tend to their plants.

Plant the seeds of appreciation for nature in your children by teaching them how to take care of plants. You can have them choose which seeds to plant and the equipment they want to use. Ask them to carefully monitor the state of their seedling and draw up a watering schedule they can follow. Not only will this teach them how to nurture life, it will also instill in them an awareness of obligation.

Enjoy a refreshing dip

Swimming is a fun way to keep your children active and healthy.

One benefit of having your own swimming pool is being able to spend hours of low-key fun in the water. Teach your kids about water safety and how to tread water and breathe underwater, and watch them have fun while learning a vital life skill.

It takes a village to raise a family. That is why it is important to choose a home and community that lets you turn every second into a lasting memory.

At the heart of San Juan City lies an idyllic neighborhood that offers serene spaces to nurture a family. Clairemont Hills is a low-density, condo-townhouse community surrounded by nature and within reach of all the essentials in the city.

Capture life’s little moments with your family.

Families can enjoy life’s little moments in expansive homes with balconies and large windows, and create more meaningful memories in the residential enclave’s exclusive amenities designed for leisure and wellness. Teach the kids how to ride a bike on the designated jogging and bicycle path, have competitive matches at the game room, take a dip in the pool, or simply enjoy the fresh air and landscaped garden in the outdoor seating area.

The best home, truly, is the one that lets your family live life to the fullest.

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