Holy Grail! Is That a Snail?

Snails claim to hold the secret to youthful and younger skin. You might have heard of beauty enthusiasts who have been using snail masks or slimes as part of their rigorous skincare routine, but have you ever heard of a LIVE snail spa treatment? Yes! Those little critters that you might’ve kept in your garden can do much more than eating lettuce. 

In search of the best holy grail to achieve clear and glowing skin, we found Limmy’s Nail and Beauty Lounge — the first-ever live snail facial salon in Singapore.

How does it work?

Snails excrete mucin or slime that stimulates collagen, helps moisturize and regenerate your skin, soothes hyperpigmentation, minimizes pores, and keeps it firm, smooth, and glowing. These are just among the long list of benefits that you can get from snail therapy.

What in the world is live snail facial treatment?

Snails are raised and fed with organic plants and homegrown by Limmy’s. They live in a sanitized cocoon, and are bathed thrice a day before they get deployed for a mission. The snails aren’t consecutively used in multiple clients for them to avoid stress and exhaustion. After all, snails need their beauty rest too. *winks*

Here’s how a live snail facial works at Limmy’s.

Facial starts with a face and neck massage, followed by cleansing and steaming to relax the skin and soften the whiteheads and blackheads. Then, Limmy’s will exfoliate all dead skin through a mechanical exfoliant.

And then, the VIP arrives. A total of five snails will be placed in every corner of your face to do their magic. During the procedure, the clients are advised to minimize facial movements to prevent the snails from losing their track. The clinic specialist closely monitors the treatment to ensure that the snails are in their proper place. 

Lastly, after the snails are done with their work, a sheet mask will be placed all over your face for better mucin absorption. This procedure will take 90 minutes with 20 minutes dedicated to snail treatment. And as you step outside the clinic, your face will feel lighter, cleaner, hydrated, and smoother!