Mompreneur and Partners Redefine our All-time Favorite Filipino Dishes

Sticking close to her Filipino heritage, Alta Redor, together with her husband and close friends, reframed the idea of the Filipino cuisine to find the perfect flavor that leads to the best dishes of Locavore.

Born out of the desire to put up a simple dining place that offers levelled-up Filipino dishes, Locavore was inspired from one of the many dinner dates Alta had with her husband in 2014. Alta then shared the idea with her closest friends turned partners.

Today, Locavore is a rapidly growing restaurant with a daring concept that started in Kapitolyo, Pasig in 2014.

“While business models, in general, would simply tell you that starting a new venture, like a restaurant, is just a matter of choosing the right location, Locavore did the opposite,” claims Alta. “It was a very good experimental accident that created a lot of curiosity that led people to the humble neighbourhood of Brixton Street in Kapitolyo just to try the most talked about food in a place where you could only find one restaurant in that street.”  

Known for its sustainable dining concept, Locavore forged strong ties with local farmers ensuring that every bite they offer to guests isn’t just unique, but also fresh and sustainable.

“From the start, we always thought we’d like to support Filipino farmers and that Locavore will have a farm-to-table kind of dishes. From then on, our ingredients are still, and will always be pure Filipino,” says Alta.

With words spreading out quickly about this gastronomic destination in Pasig, Alta and her partners responded to the growing demand by bringing their sustainable dining concept to Bonifacio Global City, Makati City, Pasay City, and Quezon City.  

Locavore’s signature dishes are the ones closest to our heart, from the famous Sizzling Sinigang and Sugpo con Mayonesa to the mouthwatering Oyster Sisig and Pho-lalo.  

“We preserve the Filipino culture and flavor by sticking to its ingredients. We recreate the dishes, not to change the classic recipes that Filipinos grew up with, but to allow them to stand on their own, elevating the Filipino cuisine’s standards to be on par with other cuisines globally,” says Alta.

At Locavore, creating a new classic Filipino dish with a twist requires a lot of creativity and research. “For the Locavore team, the taste is not the only factor they look into when creating a new dish. We also give importance to where the flavor takes you, the memory it brings back and the experience you’ll never forget when tasting the new dish.”    

The success of Locavore within a short period of time shows how this unique sustainable dining with reinvented Filipino cuisine stood out from the crowd. What used to be a concept over a catch-up dinner with Alta Redor and her partners, turned out to be a game-changer that sets them apart in the food industry.

“I guess the secret success ingredient we had when we started was the partnership that oozed with positivity, love, and joy,” adds Alta.

At Locavore, these Filipino classic favorites were reinvented into playful and modern dishes that will surely remind you of Sundays at home where every member of the family gathers at one table. Flavors with memories of home-cooked Filipino staples and fond experiences that can only be found at Locavore.