Startup Retail Turned Clients from Being a Fashionista to MAGShionistas

Starting your own fashion business is a dream for many women. It’s not as easy as dressing up your fashion dolls back when you were a kid, but it definitely helped develop your fashion style. The road to retail success isn’t always smooth and not as glamorous as how Miranda Priestly describes it in the movie The Devil Wears Prada. We spoke to Mags Cue, the founder and owner of MAGS Clothingline, which she opened in 2004 in Cagayan de Oro (CDO) after spending years in the spotlight of modeling and becoming a medical representative.

So, what prompted Mags to become one of the well-known fashionistas in CDO?

Mags was a dreamer for a long time. Since she was a kid, she knew that she has a great passion for fashion as her family has also been in the same industry. It was after she built her family and settled in CDO when she found her motivation and decided to do something productive by starting a business, something that is close to her heart.

Here’s how she did it:

1)    Research and have a clear concept

Before officially opening her first store, she started a boutique that sells everything and anything. This is where she discovered that people love her style. This prompted her to create her own brand. The first thing Mags did was put together everything she learned from her family and as a model, researched and read about small businesses to get insights and advice, talk to people in the fashion scene, and worked in the boutique to learn the ropes.

2)    Consider and study the location

After opening her first store in Limketkai Center in CDO, words quickly spread, and clients from nearby towns and cities discovered her unique sense of fashion. Mags took the opportunity and opened her second store in SM Davao which led to the same result, and the rest, as they say, was history. MAGS Clothing Line is plugged into the bustling cities of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao with a total of 23 stores nationwide.

3)    Shifting into the digital space 

With the recent challenges to local businesses due to the pandemic, which included operational shutdown, MAGS took this as an opportunity to expand the business in the digital space. The rise of eCommerce in the fashion industry has been successful as more people rely on online shopping. This made a positive impact on MAGS’ sales which resulted in minimal operational costs.

4)    Thread designs that empower and inspires

There’s no denying the power that fashion and dressing hold to feel empowered and confident. 

“My personal experiences, places I’ve been to, and the people I meet are my inspirations for all my designs. MAGS reflect who I am as a person — colorful and versatile,” said Mags. 

There is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to finding the perfect power outfit. This is why MAGS threads different designs and offers their market with more styles to choose from.

5)    Work your connections

One of the key formulas to MAGS’ success is how they built a partnership with famous celebrities “Our marketing support is very strong, getting famous celebrities as our official endorsers,” said Mags. 

MAGS also sponsored events (like beauty pageants), movies and TV shows that bring value to their brand. 

6)    Have a well-balanced lifestyle 

Being able to manage your time to wear different hats — as a businesswoman, a mom, and a wife — can be challenging, but doesn’t require superhero skills to succeed. For Mags, spending quality time with her family is still her utmost priority. 

“I am good at time management. I plan things and do things ahead of time. I do meal planning for 2 weeks or a month and do regular groceries. I only attend events if I have my free time and those that are significant to my work and life,” Mags added.

For Mags, the secret to converting her clients from being fashionista to MAGShionista is the style, elegance, and confidence that the clothing gives without breaking the bank. 

Being a MAGShionista goes more than just the clothing, but the spirit of empowerment and confidence that clients wear on every occasion. It’s not a surprise how Kagayanon’s fashion icon in the making became the loudest story of success not only in CDO, but in Philippine fashion industry.