What in the World is Cocooning Therapy

Cocoon therapy, or popularly known as cocoon wellness pod, is a treatment specially designed to reduce impurities in your body, enhance metabolism, and regulate the easier breakdown of fat.

The idea is drawn from the concept of metamorphosis where an insect transforms overnight and experiences alienation from its own body. Cocoon therapy is designed to promote wellness through rejuvenation and relaxation.

Cocoon pods have the combined benefits of improving physical and psychological benefits. This luxurious and full-body treatment rejuvenates and relaxes the body and mind — promoting better sleep and providing slimming effects. These pods operate on a “dry heat system”, the same experience when you step into a sauna. The preparation for this procedure is simple, all you need to do is stay hydrated and wear light and comfortable clothes prior to your session. Each 30-minute session is equivalent to an 8-mile run where you can potentially lose up to two (2) pounds in one session.

The demand for this futuristic technology has grown rapidly because of the bunch of benefits that you can easily reap. Driven by their passion to help people achieve their goals, Cocoon PH utilized the use of technology to stay on top of the wellness game through safe and effective solutions by providing the perfect balance to mind and body conditioning.